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My name is Doug Cross and at Scorching Trials where I work, it's common to hear people say they are not sure whether their workouts are working or not. It's easy to tell this. One is whether you look forward to your next muscle building session, whether you feel great at the end of your session and even if the results are showing physically. We train you how to make it exciting. 

Programs Offered

Great Feeling

you feel great when you ...

New Exercises

you get new exercises to ...


you are no longer bored by ...

Professional Guidance

fitness experts are at your...

What People Say:

I was not sure whether my workout routine was working or not but what I knew, I was not true to it. I learnt helpful tips from Scorching Trials on how I would make it more exciting and how to tell if it's working. The tips have been useful and now it feels great every time I'm done with my muscle building session. 

- Louise Riley

Our commitment at Scorching Trials to see more people enjoy their muscle-building sessions has been very useful. It has seen many reach their fitness goals. 

- Mabel Abbott


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